Regional Vegetation Types

Ecology explains the distribution in of plants and animals in space and time. The ecology of plants is best explained by understanding, not their preferences, but their tolerances. Plants are like the us; they all prefer to be mollycoddled. In the Forest Flora nursery there are plants which are adapted to waterlogged soils ( Baumea articulata, Avicennia marina var.resinifera Mangrove) but are growing in the same conditions asOzothamnus leptophyllus Tauhinu,  which grows on dunes, and kawakawa and ferns which are typically found in the shade of the forest.

With few exceptions plants prefer constantly moist, well drained, nutrient rich soil, sheltered from wind and frost with plenty of sunlight. Their distribution across the landscape, aside from their ability to disperse, is explained by the adaptations they have developed to tolerate less than ideal conditions in order to achieve an adaptive advantage over competition. 

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